You wrecked me when you stepped out, cuz you’re the Wounded Healer, and you’re supposed to stay.

“So God Bless I hear your voice in mine and I wanna stop time like a Carnival Ride”

Hey everyone! Sorry I know it has literally been a month since I posted anything and I feel so bad about it! Unfortunately January isn’t the easiest month for me, especially toward the end, and then comes my birthday. So much fun right?

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post in memory of my mom, the one year anniversary of her passing was on January 27th. I will say that it is not something that plagues me constantly. I don’t even care if that bothers some of you because it is just the way it is right now. Some days are better than worse but for the most part, I felt like I lost her a long time ago.

It is never easy losing a parent as I am sure many of you have dealt with similar situations. I think the hardest thing I have had to come to terms with is the fact that I am so much like her. So often I find myself dwelling on the fact that when it comes to my family, the only person who I ever had a chance in understanding me, is now gone.

Even though she wasn’t an active part of my life for the last 15+ years, it was still a comfort knowing she was out there, and could become part of my life at some point. Now that comfort is gone and I have had to just accept that. My only hope is to one day start a family of my own and do all the things that she was unable to do for me.

I will end this post now, I survived the first year as best I could, it only gets easier from this point on… Right?


[Currently Listening to: Wounded Healer by Watsky]


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